How to rotate ArchiCAD object vertically using hotspots, simple easy GDL.

*Visitantes em língua Portuguesa, acesse o vídeo abaixo e ative a legenda.


One of the most common question regarding ArchiCAD objects is how to rotate the custom one in vertical orientation.

To solve that issue, there are some tools and plugins available in ArchiCADsphere. AC also provides default parameters for imported Sketch UP files – good implementation from Graphisoft, but limitated, when considering graphical editions to your model.


To fill this gap, the following video shows how to add editable hotspots to your custom objects, using “copying-pasting” steps – simple, easy and straightfoward.



In addition, you find a way to get cleaner 2D representation of custom object, with generates the real 3D projection of it, even rotated.


It’s important to consider that depending on the model, it might get heavy, therefore, before importing models from another program, check how complex it is, if the number of polygons is too high and how you can depurate it to be beneficial.